Admit  it, you've  never  liked conventional...

Does the idea of a first date at the movies bore you? Maybe the stuff on your bucket list would make you blush a beet red if you shared it out loud. Have you been itching for the thrill of kink + emotional connection? It sounds like you're finally getting acquainted with the free spirit you truly are. Or maybe you've always known the real you...

Me and you? We're kindred spirits. I'm equal parts feminine Southern charm and devilish dandy. I offer "the girlfriend experience", sure, but I'm the sort of girlfriend who won't be squeamish when you ask me to pin you down and take full advantage of you. In the next breath, my warm brown eyes will lock into your own as we talk about our interests and fantasies like long-lost lovers.

I identify as a switch (both a dominant and submissive) and love testing my limits and yours. I'm a 4 on the Kinsey scale so I'm lady-leaning, but my life-long fascination with masculinity lets me explore gentlemen with comfort and excitement. 

Whether you simply require a partner who's your equal match, or a sweet seductress to pull your taboo desires out of you, I'm your gal. 



I was raised in the heart of Alabama, where football is religion and Roll Tide is an amen.

My Southern drawl is playful and sweet, my hair is a rich auburn, and my laugh is infectious. I'm naturally an explorer, so my search for adventure brought me to the city of Atlanta! I'm an engineering student at a university here, and I split my time between being a full-time student and my secret life as a kinky companion. 

As a relative newcomer to Atlanta, I enjoy trying new restaurants with my friends and family, catching sporting events, going dancing, or spending time in any of the city's awesome green spaces with my dog. I'd love to show you some of my new favorites spots or try a few of yours. 

I've been described as having the ability to make new friends feel like old ones. Whether that means having a phone chat days before meeting, or letting our first date start with wine and grow naturally, I like to fully know who you are so that we can explore and express ourselves in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Authenticity is sexy! 

While I'm most comfortable in a sexy button up, suspenders, and fitted jeans, my 5'9" frame looks damn good in a blouse and pencil skirt covering red, black or white lingerie (my favorites!). What I like to wear most? Absolutely nothing. My smooth, ivory skin is complemented by a tasteful tattoo collection I intend to continue growing.

Why am I a companion? Easy. I like it! I enjoy helping you be your freest self. Between the two (or three) of us, we can co-create our own kinky world that lasts as long as we want it to. 


"...Shay exudes the promise of going new places, although I admit to being a bit intimidated about where some of those places might be. 

All my fears were misplaced, though. Once I entered the room, I knew I was where I belonged..." 




Let's  make  your  fantasy  a  reality  together.  I promise  I  don't  bite. I  mean, not  unless  you want me to... 

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